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A pair of Russian circus performers spawn a child who cries at the slightest provocation. They name him Alan, after some character in some English novel.


Alan is forced to go to school. He whiles away the time by drawing whimsical characters in the margins of his notebooks and dreaming of becoming a magician. Free time is spent going to the movies and then reenacting them with the neighborhood kids. A friend lends him some books about filmmaking, animation and visual effects. The boy reads them and realizes his purpose in life.


Suddenly flung to the opposite side of the globe, Alan studies film and computer animation. He makes a weird short film in high school and gets an award. He directs a thesis film in college and gets an award.


Alan graduates college and learns that no one cares about awards or things you made a year ago. He earns a living as a freelance cameraman and video editor, honing many other technical skills in the process.


Alan directs a low-budget feature film. It earns no money, but he still recalls the production period as one of the highlights of his life.


Armed with education and experience in entertainment production, Alan inexplicably agrees to work in a corporation that has absolutely nothing to do with anything remotely creative.




Alan forms Amelik Entertainment, LLC, opting for the old cliche of abbreviating his own otherwise unpronounceable name. The company bills itself as a South Florida-based video production company specializing in unique and inventive films, web series, commercials and music videos.


You access Amelik.com, look around and get to the “about” page. We’ve been expecting you. Take a seat.

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