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Whether it’s ENG-style concert/event capture or a highly cinematic advertising or film project, I can handle your image capture needs with a small arsenal of industry-standard camera equipment, saving you rental and crew costs. For larger projects, I can also assemble a highly skilled camera crew, led by some of the most talented Directors of Photography working today.

Cinematography Samples

Do you have a great film/commercial/music video idea, but don’t wish to bother with the minutia of shot lists, blocking charts and talking to scary, moody actors? Then you’ve clicked on the right tab! I can handle both technical and artistic aspects of directing for film, television and web video. And I bring my own beret and megaphone.

Directing Samples


With over 14 years of experience, I’ve edited everything from 30-second spots and music videos to feature films and long-form documentaries. These days, editing comprises about 60% of my workload. Working with the industry benchmark Avid Media Composer, I can weave even the most nightmarish pile of raw footage into a poetic dream.

Editing Samples

Animated studio logos, info screens, convention booth presentations, kinetic typography videos… I have done them all. Taking your static artwork and adapting it for motion gives me such an inexplicably intense thrill that it’s probably illegal in some states!

Motion Graphics Samples

I have studied animation for most of my life and while it has never been my full-time profession, I’ve accumulated enough skill to produce short-form character animation in various styles – 3D, traditional “cell” and stop-motion. I also maintain a personal network of skilled animators around the world that can be assembled to handle larger projects.

Animation Samples

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